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Name: Dream Eater

Classification: Ethereal Parasite

Description: This creature enters the host through their dreams, feeding off of their energy through artificial realities that they impose upon them. While these creatures often take the form of tapirs and other mammals in other cultures, their true form is that of a yellow slug with blue tendrils coming from the multiple pores along its form. If spotted, remove immediately. 

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this is never going to not be funny 

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Tomorrow we are drawing. I don’t care what anyone says. 


…something is probably going to come up isn’t it? /sob

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sugarapplesweet asked: God of Peace and Well-Being, he is depicted most often as a square-headed cow on a large canvas which magically transcribes seemingly random thoughts. These thoughts, if read, will not always make sense at that time, but their wisdom will ring true with time and the right situation. He inspires his followers to take chances, but he also encourages them to consider the feelings of others before taking big risks. The best offerings are those chocolate with something less sweet for balance.


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Anonymous asked: Garakow, the god of Cardboard, emerged with the rise of cardbord. Nightly will the managers of various shipping companies lead the prayer to this almighty god so that their boxes will arrive safely to their destinations and in tact. His great cardboard is lovingly recycled so that nothing is wasted and often, there are sacrifices made of coffee and delicious foods.


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